QUICK TAPE® Support Straps

Meet Your Foot's New Best Friend

QUICK TAPE foot support straps are a safe and effective method of managing foot discomfort caused by a variety of conditions, including:

Heel Pain • Low or High Arches • Bunions  Flat Feet •  Achilles Tendon Pain 

 Foot Overpronation • Arthritis • Shin Splints  Plantar Fasciitis

QUICK TAPE support straps work by providing support and alignment to the foot. This can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress, and it can help to prevent injuries.
The QUICK TAPE support straps are made of a thin, breathable material that is comfortable to wear. They are easy to apply and remove, and they can be worn for up to 7 days. They are also waterproof and can be worn in the shower.
QUICK TAPE support straps are hypoallergenic and latex free. They are available in a variety of sizes to fit most feet.

QUICK TAPE Support Straps work by:

  • Supporting the arch of the foot. This helps to reduce tension on the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. When the plantar fascia is overstretched, it can cause pain and inflammation.
  • Aligning the foot. The QUICK TAPE support strap helps to keep the foot in a neutral position, which can help to prevent pain and injury.
  • Relieving stress on the knees and hips. When the foot is not properly aligned, it can put extra stress on the knees and hips. The QUICK TAPE support strap can help to reduce this stress and prevent pain.
  • Being comfortable. The QUICK TAPE support straps are made of a breathable, comfortable material that can be worn for extended periods of time. This makes them ideal for people who want to manage foot pain while continuing their daily activities.  
  • Preventing injury. The QUICK TAPE support strap can help to prevent injuries to the feet by providing support and alignment. This is especially important for people who participate in activities that put a lot of stress on the feet, such as running, sports, or heavy lifting.

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Applying the QUICK TAPE® support strap is quick and easy!

Watch Video and read all instructions carefully before applying for maximum benefit.

STEP ONE Make sure your foot and hands are clean and dry, no lotions, creams, oils or powders. Shave any hair from the top of the foot. While seated, place QUICK TAPE cloth-side down on a clean hard surface. Sections D and E should be pointed toward you. You can use your toes to secure tabs B and C, so your hands are free to peel off sections A, D, and E.

STEP TWO Place the ball of your foot in front of section A with your heel lifted. Keeping your foot centered between sections B and C, slide the strap forward until it stops just behind the big toe knuckle and small toe knuckle (The 1st and 5th metatarsal heads).

STEP THREE Set your heel down between heel tabs D and E. Remove backing from section B and C.

STEP FOUR While stepping down on section A, wrap sections B and C straight across the top of the foot (one overlapping the other). Do not stretch or angle these sections. Rub over the top and sides of these tabs vigorously to activate the adhesive.

STEP FIVE Lift your foot off the floor and point your toes. While pulling back gently on sections D and E, wrap sections D and E around the back of the heel bone, with one overlapping the other. Do not wrap any higher than the heel bone to avoid interfering with the Achilles tendon.

STEP SIX It is important to activate the adhesive by firmly rubbing the entire strap vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds for best adhesion. If applied correctly, pain should be absent or significantly reduced.




Don from Surprise AZ said: I have plantar fasciitis and tried a number of treatments with very little success. Finally I found Quick Tape! Immediate results on the first day. I’m now on 5 days and can walk without thinking about that foot pain all the time. Got a ways to go for total healing but you can rest assured it will be with Quick Tape. This is a simple but very successful treatment.


Dr. George Evancho, DPM, Virginia said: I am a retired podiatrist. My wife had plantar fasciitis. She responded great to the Quick Tape Foot Support Straps in a matter of weeks and remains pain free. Prior to this, I treated her in my traditional manner including 2 steroid shots with no lasting relief. I just developed fasciitis myself after a weekend on a ladder. I put the strap on this AM, already feels better !!! Really great product. Highly recommend!


Ann C. said: I am a satisfied customer; if you look up my order history, this is probably the 3rd 15-pack I’ve ordered and I ordered smaller numbers of them as I was testing them out for my arthritis (mid-foot – 2nd metatarsal/cuneiform deterioration).

I will likely be wearing these for many years as they truly are the only thing that gives me some relief. I am very active and only 57, so… Thanks! P.S. I’ve turned several friends with plantar fasciitis onto your product! Also, please keep me posted on the development of skin-tone colored straps for use with sandals in the summer!

Jerry said: I would highly recommend this product, I have been suffering from foot problems for years and nothing seemed to ever help remedy the pain. This product provides the relief I have been looking for, very happy to have found it! I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.



Q. After wearing QUICK TAPE for a while, it feels like it loosens up. Is it still working?

  • Yes. The foot will adapt and realign to the supported shape, therefore it will feel very comfortable. Your QUICK TAPE® support strap will still be working.

Q. Can I hurt myself if I apply it incorrectly?

  • It’s difficult to mess yourself up with the QUICK TAPE® support strap. It may not work properly to help your foot pain if not applied correctly. Please follow the instructions that come with your package, watch our instructional video or print the instructions from our website at supportthefoot.com. Rub entire strap thoroughly after application to activate the adhesive.

Q. How do I remove the QUICK TAPE support strap and adhesive residue from my foot?

  • Remove the QUICK TAPE® support strap by slowly peeling off the tabs; keeping the tabs as close to the skin as possible. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to remove any leftover adhesive. To remove stubborn adhesive residue, soak your foot in warm water and gently rub area with a pumice stone.